Teachers have so much demand placed on them in today’s education which can take away the ability to be attuned to their students needs. Although we do need teaching standards, the issue remains meeting the level of demand verses having time to be creative and enjoy the process.

Children can be unpredictable, varied and as unique as our fingerprints. In all of this it’s not easy to cater for each students’ individual educational and emotional needs. When emotional needs are not met it compromises the cognitive development.

Teachers are not trained as psychologists, therefore they are not equipped to manage and teach students who have experienced trauma. Trauma changes the way our brain functions and trauma can be caused by something as common as neglect by a parent who doesn’t have time for their child because their time and responsibility is divided between other children. There are many more common circumstances as well as severe cases that impede learning ability.

For this reason we have created a course for teachers so they have the knowledge and the skill to know how to manage and help increase their students capacity to learn.

We believe psychology needs to become part of teacher’s training as this would contribute toward achieving one of the goals of education, which is for “All young Australians to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and active and informed citizens.”(Melb. declaration, 2008).