My heart and passion has always been for relationships.

“In everything I do my purpose is to provide the best possible environment and support to restore or improve important relationships.”

Grassroots Approach Programs (GAP) has been created in response to the growing rate of separation and divorce in our society. Arsho is a practicing psychotherapist with many years experience in restoring relationships that could otherwise end or remain dysfunctional.

Arsho has travelled around Australia, providing workshops senior school students, who are the grassroots of our society.

Arsho has been actively involved with government representatives and education bodies to promote the need for relationship building skills to become part of educating senior students, so when they leave school, they have the skills to create and remain in healthy, functioning and lasting relationships as a couple as well as within their social and work relationships.

Relationships are so central to our health and overall well-being, and the way we learn good relational skills is either through having good role models or through education.

Grassroots Approach Programs (GAP) has been designed to provide such knowledge and skills. Whether it’s to do with family members or within our workplace. There are relational skills that could transform the dynamics of any dysfunctional relationship. With these skills, it only takes one person in the relationship or group to bring about change.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the latest buzz word within the corporate environment. It can be said EQ applies to all levels and areas of life – vertically from management to staff, teacher to student, or horizontally with family, friends and colleagues.