Holistic approach to health and lasting relationships

Grassroots Approach Programs

Grassroots Approach Programs are holistic, practical, relevant programs which address the current social trends in our society.

High number of relationships are breaking down, which is contributing to increasing number of people experiencing depression, anxiety, addictions, and isolation. We are relational beings, therefore, strong and healthy relationships contribute to our mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

The Grassroots Approach courses provide psychological insight, and (often counter-intuitive) relational skills for developing successful and lasting relationships.


Short Courses

Relationships are so central to our health and overall well-being, and the way we learn good relational skills is either through having good role models or through education.

Grassroots Approach Programs (GAP) has been designed to provide such knowledge and skills. Whether it’s to do with family members or within our workplace, there are relational skills that could transform the dynamics and the culture of dysfunctional relationships. This is true even when one person in the relationship or group has the desire, awareness and the skill to bring about change.

Stress has become prevalent part of modern day living. A welcomed addition to the GAP program has been the topic on the effects of stress, more importantly, how to manage or even reduce stress from daily life.


For Senior Students

Psychology & Life Skills Course

2 hrs

For Teachers

The Relational Aspect of Teaching

2 hrs

For Parents

The Psychological Aspect of Parenting

1 hr

For Corporates

Healthy Relationships in the Workplace

1 hr