Grassroots Approach Programs

Grassroots Approach Programs is a holistic, practical, relevant wellbeing program that addresses one of the major issues in our society, relationship breaking-downs, from grass-root level.

How often is it said ‘They teach us the ABC’s and the 123’s but no-one taught us about relationships’. It is often said by those who are going through a break-up or divorce not knowing how a relationship that started with love could end up so broken.

The education system aims to teach how to be successful in career however, success in career doesn’t always equate to success in relationships. Some of the most successful business leaders in the World are struggling in their relationships. Learning respect and communication skills simply don’t go far enough to help couples, friends or colleagues in their relationship for when things become complicated and difficult.

This program will help address the issue of rising divorce at grass-root level. High divorce rate and dysfunctional relationships are contributing factors to rising number of people experiencing depression, anxiety,  addictions, isolation and homelessness. Homelessness often derives from the breaking down of the family relationships as the family support which needs to be there is no longer available. For many people divorce is a path to poverty as legal expenses and the cost of running two households bight into limited family incomes.

With increasing number of relationships between a couple breaking down, combined with conflicts that occur within a workplace, the GAP programs provide knowledge, skill and understanding of responsibilities in having a successful long-lasting relationships.

The program is psychologically informed, using one of the most effective set of relational skills known for improving relationships. Healthy relationships will create healthier society.

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