There is something all parents should know right from the start – clean room is never going to be your child’s priority, unless they already have it in them to be clean and organised.

Quite often the problem is not whether we can get our children to clean their rooms or not, it’s having the unrealistic expectation they will do it because it’s important for us.

The most effective way I have found to raise my teenager’s motivation level to clean his room has been when he asks me to do something for him. Thankfully there is always something our children need from us and soon they get the message that their rooms’ cleanliness is important to us.

The greater their need from us the more opportunity we have to teach them how to do it well : ) . However, it is important to remember to never cause frustration or resentment while applying discipline in this way. The relationship is the most important aspect of parenting, once that is damaged it becomes difficult to repair it.

The way to avoid resentment is to let them know well in advance this is how it will be from now on – if they don’t keep their room clean, next time they need something you will wait till they have cleaned and then you will do their request.

If any parent has a better way to get their teenager to clean their room I would love to know about it. Please leave your comment below!