The presentation was the first time I was introduced to the concept of emotional intelligence. I recall we were shown ways on how to recognise and control our emotions. The lessons I learnt that day have remained in the back of my mind throughout my professional and academic career.
I think the reason the presentation left a long lasting impression on me was because of the presenter’s ability to be vulnerable and share her own personal experiences.


The Grassroots Approach relationship program was a most beneficial subject for Y11 and Y12 students about building successful relationships at present and for the future.

It was an enlightening experience to hear practical and relevant ways in which the lessons could be applied in order to begin to turn any problematic relationship around.

The program gave us a detailed insight into the topic of how to build successful marriage as it was related to our day to day life experiences with approaches used in psychotherapy, integrating it with timeless wisdom . After listening to the presentation it was easy to adopt the different approaches towards life and relationships on various levels. The presentation, for me personally, was like a new window had opened up. I learnt that most of the “unhealthy” relationships can become “healthy” by having the right approach and adopting the right attitude towards it.
I would recommend this presentation to anyone – specially to students aged 16 years and over. Nora

Our senior High school students had the pleasure of attending a program called ‘Grassroots’
The focus of the program was about the importance of healthy relationships – especially in marriage.
With increasing rates of divorce and lack of understanding especially by adolescents, the program provided students with the
knowledge and understanding of their responsibilities in having a successful marriage for the future.The program was beneficial in opening dialogue and discussion about marriage and the issues and problems people may encounter.

Such information and discussions are often overlooked within schools with adolescents leaving school without the knowledge of how marriage works and the commitment necessary to make the relationship work.

The College would like to thank Arsho and her team – Silas ad Renee  – for presenting the ‘Grassroots’ program.

Our Senior students were thankful and appreciative of the program and the valuable information it provided. Edward.

“Hi, my name is Isabelle, I’m 16 years old and in year twelve. I thought the Grassroots program was really insightful and very relevant to me. It definitely planted a seed of knowledge to gain insight into the future. For me it seemed an obvious topic to learn because it’s so integral to the relationships for the rest of our lives! What we learned today was very helpful and valuable because we don’t learn about this sort of thing in any other area of our school life. What was put together brought a fresh insight, and I don’t think we’ll get the opportunity to learn these things once we leave school, so I’m very grateful to be learning it in year eleven and twelve.
The topic I found most helpful was about overcoming conflict, because it’s unavoidable part of relationships. Also knowing that other people have conflicts and I’m not alone made me feel that it’s ok, I’m not alone.”

“Hi, my name is Chloe, I’m 17 and I’m in year twelve. Until now the only way I learned about relationships and resolving conflicts was through my own experiences, hoping that I would learn what to do the next time it happens. The only subject at school that lightly touches on dealing with emotions is PDHP, but I don’t always find it relevant for me, it’s usually very general and basic information.
In today’s program I liked the topic on Emotional Intelligence and how to keep going in your marriage even if there are conflicts and issues, especially since it is possible to overcome them. Personally I had decided I wasn’t going to get married but after today marriage is something I would consider….”

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