About us

Grassroots Approach Programs is about addressing the issue of the growing divorce rate at grass-root level. By introducing the program in the early stages of life it is our aim to bring awareness to the different stages a relationship goes through and talk about how to overcome conflicts.

Through the many forms and influences of the media the expectations about marriage are increasingly becoming unrealistic, causing unnecessary strains upon the relationship. It is our hope the upcoming generations will have marriages that are lifelong and fulfilling.

The program includes timeless relational skills that restore and enhance most conflicting relationships. These skills help the individual develop emotional intelligence for every area of their lives. The program draws upon principles of psychology in order to explain the influences that shape our personality, our belief system and our cognition.

Arsho, the founder of GAP, is a psychotherapist with many years of experience in helping couples and individuals overcome intensely conflicting relationships and develop fulfilling relationship through the ability to celebrate their unique individuality.

There is a purpose why differences exist, and it takes a keen eye, skill and determination (rather than points of conflict)  to see how the differences can be positive contributors to the relationship .

Research on the effects of divorce on children (Mahuron, 2016) show how far the rippled effects of broken marriage can reach. Children growing up with divorced parents, who don’t get along even after the divorce, are more likely to struggle in their own relationships as adults and are at risk of  developing unmanageable level of depression and anxiety.

GAP has been designed with the vision of transforming society through education.