How To Pray

Prayer is an important part of life as a Christian, yet it appears not many Christians prioritise prayer in their daily life. Understandably life is busy and it’s not unusual to believe we don’t have time to pray, however, it’s amazing how things go more smoothly and we do get time to finish everything we set out to do during the day when  we pray first.

I’m sure there are many  people who have experienced (just as I have), when there are times  we achieve a lot in little time and there are times when we seem to be going in circles not achieving anything we set out to do for that day. Prioritising prayer does help to do the former…

According to Christ’s teachings prayer is worship, petition, thanksgiving and committing our worries and anxieties over to God.

The preparation that needs to take place in our hearts is to forgive others, to humble ourselves by recognising that we need God and anything we ask for to ask it in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It would be difficult to pray to God if we don’t first spend time to know Him. It’s only when we  discover how Good God really is that we become more confident in Him and become able to trust Him when we pray.

An important prayer is the prayer for Grace to do that which we know we need to do but cannot do it in our own strength. We need to pray for peace and protection  in our heart and mind, divine protection and favour over our family, in our workplace and our faith – yes our faith – as it’s the first thing that will get attacked when we begin to pray regularly.

It’s not uncommon for our thoughts to get hijacked with unbelief and a sense of God judging us or angry with us. Having said this, it is important that we examine ourselves to see if we have sinned against anyone and repent it in Jesus name. Once we repent it is important to remember that we are completely forgiven because we have accepted Christ as our saviour.


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