The Effects of Divorce in Schools

Whether we have experienced it firsthand, or
have observed children who are going through
the marriage break-up of their parents, there’s no denying the pain it causes.

The ripple effects of divorce are far reaching. Divorce is costly and private school fees can be one of the first expenses that are often cut back or left unpaid. Students’ school work is often greatly affected. Change in behaviour such as lack of motivation, lack of concentration, depression, sense of helplessness and/or hopelessness can become challenging and difficult to cope with for the student, their classmates as well as the teachers.  As the divorce rate rises it has become necessary for schools to invest more and more in counsellors and psychologists.

Through providing funding for relationship building skill program such as Grassroots Approach , the rippled effect of savings could be made in funds allocated for mental health, homelessness, substance abuse related crimes, single parent allowances, work absenteeism, bankruptcy  and the list goes on…

Most of the funding allocations are band-aid solutions to a deep problem that often begins at home – and that’s the relationship between the couple.  By addressing the problems at Grass-root level, a bottom up approach, and building a healthier foundation within society, the  end outcomes could change substancially.



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